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#729 - I'm an Elected Official
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, I am one of them - the hated and despised people who hold political office. My character is attacked. My motives are maligned. My record is criticized. Many want me to go home or drop dead or both. My motives were good when I sought this office. I wanted to defend the poor and fight for justice. I knew our government needed godly people and I was willing to take that responsibility. I came into office with plans to do noble things. However, the system is corrupt. - To get anything done on my agenda, I must cozy up to those who hold political power over me. I must support the elite's agendas so they will throw a few crumbs of favor in my direction. The more and more I back those with greater political power, the greater my influence becomes. - It dawns on me one day that to get anything done I must first make a career of this, rising through the ranks by supporting policies I don't believe in. When I achieve political power, I can make things happen in my district. - In the meantime, I will look like a sell-out to those who elected me. I will look like a politician. Father, I need to look at my role in office in an entirely separate way. It's not only what I accomplish, it's also my character in the community. Politicians are asked to participate in local events and projects. I will have the opportunity to meet hundreds, if not thousands, of constituents. Father, imagine if my constituents saw the fruits of the Spirit in me - compassion, love, joy, peace, patience, goodness, self-control, kindness, generosity, and mercy. Father, I can honor You by being a different kind of politician - one whose walk with God is evident to all. I may lose an election because I didn't get anything done. However, I can win the hearts of many who I will mentor and care for long after I leave public office. Father, help me to be this kind of politician. Amen.

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