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#734 - The Impact of My Charity
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, there are many charities out there who seem to spin their wheels and not get anywhere. They raise $ 1 and they spend that $ 1 on administrative expenses. They seem to be perpetually at work keeping themselves at work. The people who they claim to serve are the forgotten people. Father, this can happen because the leaders of charities can get overwhelmed. They end up fighting for survival and survival gets defined as keeping the doors open. It just so happens the doors are open for the staff to enter and not the people in need. Father, help these charities to get organized. Give them direction. Calm the hearts of their leaders. May they surrender their lives to You so they can have great strength of character and a reservoir of wisdom to right their ships. There are also charities who are not charities whatsoever. They are merely schemes to take money from generous people who want to make a difference with their financial assets. Father, we ask that You defeat them. Run them out of business. Uncover their schemes for the law, volunteers, clients, and donors to see. As for my charity, I ask that You put godly men and women in leadership. May we surrender our lives to You. May the Holy Spirit bear fruit in every one of our hearts. May we have Your wisdom and insight for how to manage the charity effectively. May You provide us with every resource we need. May we change lives, rescue people, create awareness, educate, and solve problems. May we love people in need with an incredible love that comes from You. May we do so with integrity. May we give You all the credit and may what we do advance the Kingdom of Jesus Christ, Your Son, who died on the cross for our rebellion. Amen.

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