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#735 - My Vote as a Citizen - Part 1
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, today I am going into the voting booth. As a man or woman of God, I have not taken this vote likely. I have examined the issues and evaluated the candidate's positions. I have assessed their character by their behavior and their words. Father, nothing is more important to my vote than the politician's character. What use is their position on an issue if they don't have the integrity to maintain it? I don't want a politician who lacks self-control, is deceitful, unfaithful, impatient, a quitter, unkind, or who lacks compassion. However, that all being said, I am unlikely to know what the politician's heart is really like. If they have surrendered their life to you, they may conceal it to not alienate unbelieving voters. The media may misrepresent their character, leaving me with an inaccurate portrayal of their values and beliefs. Therefore, as a voter, I am totally dependent upon You. Father, who should I vote for? Tell me. I do not and cannot have enough information to make a truly informed decision. You know who the best candidate is. Make it clear to me who that candidate is. Father, this is what I ask - that the candidate who will most advance Your church is victorious. Such a candidate will sign executive orders, pass legislation, deliver speeches, or appoint justices who will defend Your church's right to transform lives in our communities. Such a candidate may also be an evil man or woman who persecutes the church. That kind of candidate will advance Your church because persecution always advances Your church. Father, may I never think and speak as though it is too late for our culture. You have work for Your church to do and You require that people will be elected to government that will give Your church the greatest freedom to function. Help me to vote accordingly. Amen.

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