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#737 - The Environment
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, a fool says in their heart there is no God. It doesn't take great intelligence to see design all around us. It doesn't take great understanding to see that there is no way to prove You don't exist or that creation didn't happen. Denial of Your existence and the truth of creation is a faith - just like any other world religion. It is a belief in something (in Your non-existence) that cannot be scientifically proven with 100% certainty. Father, I believe You are the almighty God of creation. You created the universe. You created our solar system. You created the earth. You created continents, mountains, and oceans. You created our atmosphere. You created all forms of life on this planet. You keep this planet revolving every day. You keep it orbiting around the sun. You keep the moon orbiting around the earth. Weather systems continue to function at Your command. In other words, You are in control of the environment. The environment is not in chaos, an anchorless ship in a stormy sea. May I not lose one minute of sleep thinking that mankind is altering the environment beyond Your capacity to control it. Father, if mankind is causing change in the environment it is a change You are permitting. You will never allow the oceans to rise one centimeter above what You want them to rise. You will never allow the earth's average temperature to rise or fall one degree without Your permission. Father, You do call us to take care of the environment because You care about the people who come after us who will need air, food, and water. You do call us to care for the environment so the generations after us can enjoy the beauty of Your creation. Help me to be responsible. However, may I also not panic that the environment is out-of-control. It is under Your control. You are God and mankind is not. Amen.

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