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#738 - Holding Public Officials Accountable
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, this world is Yours. Nations are Yours. Governments are Yours. States are Yours. Counties are Yours. Towns are Yours. Public officials are in office because they are Your servants. Father, Your Word has established what makes a healthy society. The people surrender their lives to You and You transform their hearts. Because of the work of the Holy Spirit, the people become loving, kind, generous, compassionate, gentle, and patient with one another. A peaceful society results. However, there are those who do not surrender their lives to You. They remain self-centered. They take advantage of innocent people. The natural mindset of every human is to be their own god. "I will do what I want whenever I want to do it." A society will experience total chaos and anarchy if every little god does as they please. You created government to keep under control people who lack a moral compass. You created government to defend and protect the innocent from those who lack a moral compass. Government is about law and order. Help me hold public officials accountable for their behavior in office. I will vote. I will contact their office and attend town hall meetings and respectfully and peacefully express my beliefs. I will also let my elected officials know I am upholding them in prayer, praying for their public and private concerns. After all, they are Your servants. Amen.

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