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#745 - Safety in My Child's School
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, the American public has had to deal with the horrific news of school tragedies over the past few decades. Dozens of families have been devastated by the loss of innocent children. Father, these lives were lost because the perpetrators had the free will to obey You but they chose to disobey You. You are the God of love. You protect and defend innocence. You are the God of mercy, compassion, and kindness. You call us all to love one another. You do not send shooters into schools. However, the shooters have made the choice to disobey You. They desire to be their own god, to have power over life and death, to bring devastation into families, and to get notoriety for themselves. Father, all who take the lives of innocent victims will be held accountable by You in judgment. The shooters don't escape the ramifications of their crime by committing suicide. They are ushered into Your presence where justice will be swift and complete. Father, I don't know why You allow some shooters to hit their intended targets while others You thwart. I am confident there are many school shootings that You have prevented. Thank you. I ask for Your mercy on the survivors and families of all who have been devastated by a school shooting. May they experience Your love today in abundance. Bring physical, emotional, and spiritual healing to the victims. I ask that You have mercy on my children's school and keep my children safe. Keep our school off a target list. Get an angry classmate life changing emotional and spiritual help before they commit a crime. Make sure all doors are secure. Give an intended shooter a flat tire or a medical emergency. Have someone alert the authorities to their plan. Jam the gun if necessary. Father, please protect the staff and the children at our school today. Amen.

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