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#746 - My Personal Rights
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, I thank You for the dignity of every human life. You created each person. You have knitted each one of us in the womb. You gave us life, free will, and the opportunity to have a relationship with You. Father, You didn't force us to follow Your way. You didn't force us to accept You as our God. You gave us the choice to decide for ourselves who or what we will worship. You gave us the opportunity to choose You. You will bless those who surrender their lives to You and who obey Your commands. You will not bless those who reject You. They will not enjoy Your guiding hand, Your wisdom, Your protection, Your strength, or Your miraculous provision. They will be on their own which is exactly what they wanted. Many needlessly suffer because they have turned their backs on You. However, You are so incredibly merciful that You give every human grace, even those who reject You. Hospitals. Doctors. Medicine. Food. Water. Police. Fire departments. Sleep. These things are examples of what we call Your common grace. Your common grace also includes our personal rights. You have given every citizen of this nation the right to believe what they want, the right to say what they want, the right to peacefully protest and petition the government, the right to own private property and to protect it, the right to a fair trial by jury, and the right to live our lives without micromanagement by the state. Father, thank You for these rights. They are a gift from You. I ask that I not take these rights for granted. May I use these rights to touch the lives of the hurting and to give them hope. May I use these rights to uphold justice in the community. May I use these rights to build Your Kingdom. Amen.

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