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#747 - Protect My Religious Freedom
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, I thank You for the religious freedom I enjoy in this country. I have the freedom to obtain a copy of Your Word, to have it with me always, and to read it whenever I want. I have the freedom to pray wherever and whenever I want to. I have the freedom to assemble with other believers, including for worship services, without the fear of arrest. I have the freedom to attend the church of my choice. My church leaders have the freedom to espouse their beliefs. I have the freedom to serve people in need through a ministry supported by my church. I have the freedom to go to schools that will teach me more about You. Thank You. Father, many people around the world do not have this freedom. They must hide their faith from the authorities and from their neighbors. Believers in such places must meet in secret and talk in a whisper. They must hide their Bibles. I understand that Your church prospers when it is being persecuted. People are attracted to a faith when believers are willing to die for it. I ask that Your church continues to grow and prosper in every nation and on every continent. However, I ask that You protect our religious freedom in this country. I ask that Your people not take such freedom for granted. May every believer surrender their life to You, confessing and repenting of their sin. May every believer take advantage of their religious freedoms and study Your Word, pray with others, and serve people in need. May nobody look back on their life and regret missing a time to serve You when they still had the freedom to do so. Amen.

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