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#748 - Protect Us from Distracted Drivers
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, my loved ones and I will venture onto the roads and highways of our community today. We are going to someone's home. We are driving to school. We are doing errands. We are going to work. We are driving to a special event. There are a host of reasons why we are buckling ourselves into the car. However, each trip runs the risk of a traffic accident. A driver may be distracted by texting, a phone call, email, a conversation with a passenger, children fussing in the back seat, nervousness about the driver in their rear-view mirror, changing radio stations or songs on their smartphone, YouTube video, eating, thinking about problems in their life, sleepiness, the freezing rain on their windshield, the glare of the setting sun in their eyes, or wondering what they will say to someone when they arrive at their destination. In other words, it's a miracle anyone drives without being distracted. Father, please put a shield around our car during this trip and keep us safe from distracted drivers. May we not ask for others to do what we are not willing to do ourselves. Help me to put aside all distractions and to focus our attention solely on navigating our cars safely to our destinations. It's the loving thing to do for those who care about us and for those who walk or drive on the same roads as us. Amen.

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