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#752 - I Signed a Contract
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, I have just signed a contract. It is a legally binding agreement that I will do the things I have promised and the other party will do the things they have promised. Phew. I can relax. If the person has put their signature to the document, they are serious about following through on their commitments. I don't have to worry that I'm going to waste my time or money. There is now legal recourse in civil court if the other person fails to do what they have committed to do. I may be compensated for my losses. This contract lowers my risk should the other party intend to take advantage of me. I pray Your blessings on this agreement. I pray that both parties, myself included, will live up to our commitments. I pray that we will both deliver what we said we will deliver and what we deliver will be complete and excellent. Father, help me not to let the other party down. Help me not to perform so poorly that they need to take me to court to enforce the contract. I also ask that You protect my interests. May the other party deliver completely and to my satisfaction what I expect them to deliver. Father, the only reason we sign such documents is because humans, in our broken nature, are known to be disingenuous. We change our minds. We lose interest in the things we have committed to. We make promises never intending to honor them. We forget details of an agreement. We don't consider contingencies. A contract is an effective way to get us to think. To think and not be so spontaneous. To think and consider the ramifications of our words and actions. Father, help me to agree to more contracts. Spiritual contracts. Contracts with brothers and sisters in Christ who, being my accountability partners, help me deliver on the promises I have made to live a godly life before You. Amen.

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