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#195 - Help Me Have Right Expectations
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, I am going to have a wonderful life. Happy marriage. Distinguished career. Children. Nice house. Vacations. Expensive car. We will enjoy traveling. There will be no difficulties. People will always agree with me and do, think, and say the things I want them to. My life will be a Disney film or a 30-minute sitcom where my problems are light and laughable. Father, this is not realistic. Life is hard. Life is a struggle. Life is filled with brokenness, tears, disappointments, and discouragements. Jesus Christ suffered in His life and so must I if I endeavor to be like Him. What should I expect if I'm a devoted follower of Christ? Trouble. Adversity. Suffering. The difficulties in life are what refine my character, helping me to mature emotionally and spiritually. The world hates Him and will reject me for loving Him. Father, help me set new expectations. My life will be difficult. People will not cooperate with me. Things will not work out the way I want them to. However, the irony of this gloomy outlook is that such an experience will be a perfect recipe for my spiritual growth, emotional maturity, and refinement. Suffering is the school where I learn to become like Him. Father, despite this pessimism, there is hope for a good life. The more we grow into the likeness of Jesus Christ, the greater our peace and joy will become. In other words, our lives will be quite livable and satisfying because of the presence and the comfort of the Holy Spirit even though our lives would never be the subject of a television sitcom. Father, please correct my expectations in life. Amen

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