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#232 - I Can't Change Myself
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, I cannot change myself. I've tried. It's impossible. Addiction. Habit. Fears. Insecurities. Anxieties. Worries. Temptations. Peer pressure. My sinful nature. If anyone is waiting for me to change who I am, they will be disappointed. I can't change. Father, I know You aren't asking me to change myself. You are asking me to confess and repent of my desire to be my own god. You are asking me to trust Your character. You are asking me to stop wanting other things more than You. Once I surrender to You, the Holy Spirit will begin remodeling my life and my character for me. I don't have to manage the changes I need to make. I surrender my rebellion to You and now I thank You for the changes You will orchestrate in my heart and mind. "Hey, everyone, You don't like who I am? Talk to God. He's got the work order on remodeling my heart now that I've surrendered to Him." Amen.

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