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#302 - I Was Victorious
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, Your Word tells us that the test of a man or woman's character is how they receive praise. Another test of a person's character is how they handle victory. I thank You that I won a competition today. I had opponents who worked very hard to defeat me. However, You made victory possible. You gave me the skills, talents, gifts, and strength that I relied upon in the heat of competition. You made my character strong for the battle, helping me to be courageous and persevering and to win fairly and by the rules. Father, keep my mouth from bravado. My victory was not about me. My victory was not about how I crushed my opponents. I am not going to declare myself the best. I'm simply going to be grateful for the victory You permitted me to have. May I be gracious, compassionate, and respectful to those I defeated, speaking how their skill, tenacity, and strength pushed me to give my absolute best. May I be humble and concede that if I faced them in competition tomorrow they might win. Father, to him or her to whom much is given, much is expected. I was given a great victory today. Now help me have an even greater character response to that win. Amen.

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