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#304 - I'm Getting a Tattoo
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Father, we continue to change throughout our lives. We continue to transform. We continue to mature. We continue to become more like Your Son, Jesus Christ (hopefully). We are not the same people we were before. We have moved on from the past.Father, a tattoo is a permanent record of where we were on the day we went into the parlor. Whatever was the inspiration for the tattoo on that day, we are no longer the same. The relationship that inspired the tattoo has deteriorated. The friend that helped us choose the tattoo has moved away. The problems that we were dealing with that day have been replaced by new concerns. We have matured and grown emotionally and spiritually. We know more about ourselves, our family, our friends, and life than we did at the time. The tattoo is not only fading, it is no longer relevant. Millions of people are tattoo aficionados. There are all kinds of reasons why people get them. The reasons include making an artistic statement, sending a political message, membership in a group, an expression of emotional pain, and peer pressure. Father, whatever the reason, the individual is using their skin as a canvas to communicate a message to others. This is in contradiction to the method You desire for us to communicate to others. Acts of love. Words of encouragement. The fruits of the Holy Spirit. We are to be measured not by the art on our back but by the character in our soul. We are expected to make a statement by the quality of our character. Father, in the 21st century, everyone seems to have a tattoo. It certainly has lost its novelty. However, what is so rare in our society is someone who has a character like Jesus Christ. Father, I want to make a statement by how closely I resemble Him. That will be art my friends and family will be impressed with. I certainly will be uncommon in our society. Help me to be like Jesus Christ. Amen.

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