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#306 - I'm Having Difficulty with a Co-Worker
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, I'm having difficulty with a co-worker. It makes my job miserable. He or she is mean spirited. Quite frankly, they are a bully. They alienate the other employees. They offend our customers. They hate their job and they let us all know it - every hour of every workday. Their work performance is poor, creating extra work for me. They complain about their lives continuously. For reasons I don't understand, the company will not fire them. They won't even discipline them. Perhaps they are a family member of the owners. All I know is that they make work a living hell. Father, I'm turning to You for help. You are God and I am not. This is another example where I cannot wave my magic wand and resolve a problem. I am powerless. I need You. I surrender to You and I ask You to take care of this. Father, You do things in mysterious ways. Perhaps in several weeks this co-worker will be sitting in my car crying at the news of the loss of their child. I will be comforting them. They will tell me about their broken childhood and the suffering they have in their private life. They will tell me how they are insecure and frightened. You will lead me to share the love of Jesus Christ with them. Father, that is the kind of way You will take care of this problem. Help me to be ready for that day, ready with a box of tissues and money to buy them a cup of coffee. Amen.

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