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#367 - Good Friday and Easter
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, Jesus Christ came into Jerusalem riding on a donkey. The people celebrated the entry of their political messiah who they thought would lead a rebellion over the Romans. However, He entered the city purposely to die an excruciating death. It was planned in the counsel of heaven. The Creator would be born of a woman. He would live a perfect life to satisfy the demands of Your law. He would prove He was God, and had the ability to forgive our rebellion, by performing miracles. The religious leaders would accuse Jesus of claiming to be who He was, the Son of God. They would demand that He be killed. The Roman soldiers would mock and torture Jesus. His final hours would be spent hanging on a cross. He would suffer additional abuse. He would feel forsaken by You as You would turn Your back on our sin by turning Your back on Him. Compassionate to His last breath, He would ask that we be forgiven of our sins. He would die on a cross for the rebellion of mankind. All who ask for forgiveness for their rebellion in His name will be saved. On the third day, You would bring Him back to life. He would appear to over 500 people for about a month before You would take Him back to heaven. You would be pleased with Him. You would give Him all authority in heaven and on earth. Every knee will bow before Him, including mine. Father, Easter is not about pretty dresses, egg hunts, or candy in a basket. Easter is a celebration of the forgiveness of our rebellion. Thank You for the amazing plan of salvation You and Your Son conceived. Thank You for executing that plan. Because of Jesus Christ, my rebellion has been paid for and I can now live with You in eternity. Thank You, Father. Amen.

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