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#417 - Help Me Share My Testimony
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, I was in a building when it was on fire. A fire fighter rescued me. I would be dead if not for him. I want to tell all my friends and family of my rescue. I want to tell the fire fighter's friends, family, and supervisors of his daring heroism. I'm so thankful I just can't keep quiet. Father, when my life was at risk and I was saved from a catastrophe, I wanted to tell everyone so that the rescuer is honored. Except...this has not applied to the sharing of my spiritual testimony. My spiritual life was on fire. I was dying. Jesus Christ rescued me. But I haven't wanted to tell anyone. Shhh. It's a secret. I'll just tell other Christians. I'm not going to tell those who need to be rescued. They don't want to know how to be saved. They'd rather die in the fire. I'm not going to offend them. They may not like me if I share my story of rescue. They may make fun of me. I'll let them burn if they want. I'll keep my testimony to myself. You don't need the praise. You don't need my testimony to honor you. There's other people out there who can share their testimony. People with better stories than mine. People who are more courageous than me. People more gifted to share than I am. People who won't lose friends and risk consequences if they share. It makes perfect sense to keep to myself the story of how You saved me from catastrophe because there may be consequences if I share. Father, my rebellious heart is on display. I am not jumping with excitement, chomping at the bit, ready and eager to share my testimony, not only with other Christians, but with the hurting world. I am silent. Father, change my heart. Give me such an enthusiasm for how You rescued me that I want to shout it out from the rooftops. Amen.

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