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#487 - I'm Suspicious
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, I am a suspicious soul. I don't trust people. They have hidden agendas. They are always thinking, acting, and speaking for their own benefit, no matter how selfless they may seem. They will do me wrong the minute my back is turned. How do I know this? I know myself. I know the temptations I struggle with. I know the self-centeredness of my own heart. Father, there is no one who is selfless. We know this. Therefore, we walk around with our walls and defenses up and we know this about one another. It is what causes suspicion and it is dysfunctional for relationships and for communities. How do we handle this? We surrender our lives to You. We trust that You know everyone's heart and that You have everything under control. No person will do anything to us that You don't allow them to do. We can enter relationships with people safely, trusting in Your sovereignty and Your goodness. Suspicion is wise when it is based on our understanding of the corruption of the human heart. Suspicion is foolish when we our anxious about what people may do to us because we have lost sight of Your power and authority. Father, help me to trust You in my relationships with people who are not trustworthy. Amen.

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