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#489 - Controlling My Tone and Body Language
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, our tone of voice, our facial expressions, and our body language reveal our true belief systems. You have built a truth system into humans. If the way we move our hands, sit, or stand don't express what we are thinking, the tone of our voice will express it. If we try to mask our voice or control our body language, our eyes will reveal the truth. Father, if we don't like something someone is saying or doing or if we don't like them as a person, they will know it. When there is a disconnect between the words that come out of our mouths and how our bodies are responding, we come across as disingenuous. People simply don't believe we are telling the truth, no matter how much we swear to it. Father, how can we control our tone of voice, facial expressions, body language, and the look in our eyes? By genuinely loving people the way You do. Unconditionally. When we love people unconditionally, that love will be expressed with our eyes, with our facial expressions, with our hands and feet, and with the tone of our voice. That love will be expressed by our listening skills, affection, and our thoughtfulness. We cannot control the non-verbal messages that we communicate; either we genuinely care about someone or we do not. Father, I want to love people unconditionally. I must surrender my heart to You and then the Holy Spirit can transform my mind, filling me with love, compassion, generosity, mercy, and kindness for the people around me. Confession and repentance have everything to do with our ability to control how our bodies communicate to others. Father, forgive me for my rebellion. Transform my heart and I will no longer need to concern myself about how I communicate to others non-verbally. Amen.

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