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#495 - My Loved One Was Murdered
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

God, what a miserable God You are. How could You let this happen? My loved one is dead. They were killed by a crazed maniac, a shooter, a bomber, a knife-wielding lunatic, a terrorist. Why didn't You prevent this? You could have stopped it. You are God. You can do all things. But You let this happen. I hate You for this. I always will. Father, You have given humans free will. The murderer did what they did because of their free will choice to be cruel to others. They will answer to You. You are the God of justice. You know the facts. You know their heart. You know the impact of what they did on other's lives. You know the law. You know the appropriate consequences. You will be prosecutor, jury, judge, and executioner in this world or the next. Father, the murderer cannot hide from You. They cannot find a rock on this planet to hide under. Your justice will find them and they will pay for their crime. It is as certain as the sun rising tomorrow that trouble will search for them, find them, and overwhelm them until they confess and seek forgiveness for their crime before You. Father, may they confess to their crime, turn themselves in, express genuine remorse, and resign their fate to the punishment ascribed by the judicial system. Father, I ask that when they take those steps that You will have mercy upon them. May they come to faith in Jesus Christ, rejecting their former life of violence. Make them a new person who longs to love You and others. Father, please be compassionate, gracious, and merciful to me and to each one of us who cared for my deceased loved one. Be kind to us. Comfort us in our grief. Give us peace. Guide us with our funeral plans. Help us adjust to life without our loved one. Father, help me to be so filled with the love of Jesus Christ that I never feel a rage in my heart again for anyone else. I see now what that can do. Amen.

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