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#587 - I Am Single
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, I am a single person in a couple's world. I'm tired of it. Television commercials. Activities at my church. Worship services. Neighborhood block parties. Family gatherings. I'm one of them - a single person. I'm the single person a couple doesn't know how to deal with. I'm the single person a couple is threatened by. Father, there are more single adults than ever in America. I am certainly not alone. However, that is no comfort. If the culture wasn't so fixated on relationships, I could be fine. Quite frankly, relationships are scary. I'm independent and free of all the hassle of trying to make a troubled relationship work. It's just the pressure I feel by society around me: "get yourself a mate if You want to fit in with everyone else." I'm tired of feeling like I don't fit in. I didn't ask to be single. I was married. My spouse died. My spouse left me. My spouse filed for divorce. If I had my way, I'd still be married. I am single and I deal every day with feelings of not fitting in. I must make decisions on my own. I must bear the burdens of the home on my own. I must snuggle with a pillow on a chilly night. Don't get me started on the disappointments of finding the right person at my age. Father, thank You for encouraging us to vent. You know our feelings but You also love us coming to You for relief. You give us a hug. You ask us if we need something to eat. You bake us something delicious. You put a log on the fire. You listen hour after hour. You dry our tears. You invite us to rest in the coziest bed in Your home. You keep a watch over the house, making sure we our safe in our sleep. You take out the trash. You look over our paperwork. You make some calls on our behalf. You make us feel wanted when couples come over to visit. You are the God who understands what it is like to be single. You have comforted single people through the ages. Father, I need to surrender my life to You so that the Comforter will come and be strong in my life. He will give me the love, joy, and peace I need to overcome the struggles of life without a mate. Father, there is always the hope that one day You might say "it is time" and the man or woman who is right for me knocks on the door of my heart. I know You love me and if You determine I need a partner in life for me to prosper spiritually, emotionally, and in ministry, if I'm trusting in You, that person will come. Thank You. Amen.

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