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#592 - Custody Rights for Children
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, my ex-spouse and I need to agree on a custody arrangement for our children. I'm so sorry our marriage and our family has come to this - a court order to enforce civil behavior. Father, may our children suffer as little pain as possible. They are the innocent victims in this. Father, make me the parent my children need me to be. Help me to dedicate my life to Jesus Christ. May I surrender my will to You. Why? I will be filled with the Holy Spirit. I will be healthy emotionally and spiritually. I will have wisdom as the Holy Spirit continuously teaches me. I am prepared to be that parent. I am asking that the courts find in my favor for custody arrangements. I ask that I have physical custody of the children, that they will live in my house. I ask that You help me to provide a safe place for them, a place where their basic physical and emotional needs are met. I ask that I will be the primary decision maker in their lives. I ask that I will be the primary caregiver, assuring the children's needs will be met. I pray that the children's other parent will be faithful to their visitation, attending to the children's every need when they are with them. I pray You will protect the children from abuse. I pray neither of us will make false accusations or fail to comply in total with the court order. Father, give me supernatural instincts to be able to identify and respond lovingly to my children's needs. Amen.

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