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#604 - My Child is Estranged from Me
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, give me illness. Give me financial crisis. Give me any kind of crisis except for estrangement from my child. Short of their passing, this is the absolute worst thing that could happen to me. I love my child so much. They are precious to me. Now, we don't speak. I don't know anything about their lives. It is as though they are dead. I'm depressed, guilt-ridden, and in fear for their life. I don't know how this happened. Yes, we had disagreements but I never chased them away. Father, please forgive me for anything that I did to drive my child away. Did I abuse them in some way? Forgive me. Help me to ask them for forgiveness. I ask that what Jesus Christ did on the cross will forgive me of my rebellion from You. I surrender to You. Fill me with the Holy Spirit so that I bear the fruit which I will need to deal with this situation with my child - love, joy, peace, gentleness, goodness, faith, kindness, mercy, compassion, and generosity. May my child see the changes in me and may the change warm their heart. Father, if it is immaturity that drove them way, help them to grow up. If it was someone else that told them things that aren't true about me, silence their voice. Prove their counsel wrong to my child. If they were overwhelmed with the pressures of life and couldn't take the stress of our relationship, give them Your strength and peace. If they are lost in being their own god, the center of their universe, I ask that You lead them to a point of surrender, when they repent of their rebellion. Help me to keep loving them. Help me to keep trying to communicate to them and show I care about their life. Help me to work through unresolved issues with them. Father, please restore my relationship with my estranged child. Amen.

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