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#635 - Face-to-Face Meetings
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, face-to-face meetings are essential to healthy relationships. Words are far less powerful than body language and facial expressions. I can tell someone I love you, staring into their eyes with a smile on my face. I can also tell someone I love you by rolling my eyes and looking away. The former speaks of true love. The latter speaks of sarcasm and a lack of love. Face-to-face meetings have many advantages: - Our body language and facial expressions, along with our tone of voice, convey our true feelings. It is in face-to-face meetings that we can determine how genuine and heartfelt someone's words are. - A face-to-face meeting enables us to show people we are really listening to them. We can do that by putting down our phone and looking intently into their eyes as they speak. - When we are together with someone we can also be affectionate. A hug. A kiss. Touching their hand. A friendly slap on the back. Physical affection is another form of communication that is impossible through online channels. - A face-to-face meeting enables us to be courteous to the other person, such as opening car doors for them or getting them plastic silverware and napkins when we are eating at a restaurant. - A face-to-face meeting enables us to share experiences together, such as a beautiful flower on a wooded trail or the adorable baby at the booth next to us. Father, help me to prioritize face-to-face meetings with people. Arrange those meetings. Free up times in our calendars. Show us the right venues to meet. Bless our time together. Create shared experiences in our meeting that we will reflect upon with fondness. May our face-to-face meeting build trust between the two of us. May it provide me the opportunity, by Your grace, to be a blessing to them in ways I cannot by any other method of communication. Amen.

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