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#656 - I Have Unhealthy Relationships
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, I go from one unhealthy relationship to the next. Each relationship settles into dysfunction - poor communication, self-centeredness, disunity, fear and anxiety, temper, a lack of genuine love, and a spirit of criticism. Why are my relationships like this? Why do I seem to be more comfortable with dysfunction than with harmony? Father, I believe, somewhere deep in my soul, dysfunction in relationships is right for me. - Perhaps it was modeled in my home by my parents growing up. - Perhaps it reflects deep insecurities in my heart. Do I allow others to cross boundaries and take advantage of me because I don't believe I deserve anything better? - Perhaps I deal with my insecurities by trying to fix other people - the more broken they are, the more I can be the hero. - Perhaps I am too scared to leave an abusive relationship. - Father, I believe an unhealthy relationship can be described quite simply - one or both parties are trying to be their own god. The only path to a healthy relationship is when both individuals surrender to You. Both must humbly confess their weaknesses, insecurities, brokenness, and failings to You and to the other. - Both must be committed to repentance and growth - to mature, to heal, and to be renewed. - Both must desire to be in Your Word, to intensely pray, and to seek out godly mentors. - Both must be pursuing a life where they love God with all their heart, soul, and mind. Loving their neighbor (the other person in the relationship) will come naturally. Father, help me to avoid committed relationships with those who are not willing to turn from their rebellion. Father, help me to lead in a relationship I'm already committed to, showing my mate how we can both surrender to Your will. Amen.

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