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#663 - I Struggle with Emotional Intimacy
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, I admit. I struggle with emotional intimacy and commitment. I become needy. I become dependent upon people. I develop intense emotional expectations for them. They need to be there for me day after day. However, I'm afraid of the commitment that is required of emotional intimacy. They may let me down someday. They may hurt me. They may abandon me. I want them to treat me like I'm their one and only. However, I will not commit to them. No way. Under no circumstances. Father, this leads to confusion in the relationship. Who are we? Just friends or something special? The lack of commitment says we are just friends. The emotional attachment says we are special. It leads to anxious thoughts by both of us. It leads to insecurity. It leads to confusion and miscommunication. This only intensifies both my need to be close to them emotionally (I may lose them) and my need to never commit to them (they may leave me). It leads to the continued breakdown of the relationship. My fear of commitment creates the broken relationship that my fear of abandonment dreads so much. Father, I don't want this vicious cycle anymore. I don't trust You. If I lose a relationship, You won't be there for me. You won't be enough for me. Father, a healthy perspective trusts You to see a relationship through both the good and the tough times. My partner and I may one day have a tough time but You will carry us through. We must come before You in prayer every day, asking You to unite us, bond us, and protect us. We must come together in Your Word every day. Father, I must trust You in my relationships and I must make Christ the center of my relationships. Please be the God of my relationships. I can't do it. Amen

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