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#667 - Making Amends
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

God, I don't need to make things right with anyone. I said I was sorry. That's all that matters. Besides, it was their fault anyway. I did the wrong thing I did because they made me do it. I'm only feigning an apology to diffuse the situation and restore the appearance of peace. However, deep inside, I still have resentments against that person and, to tell the truth, I'm glad I did what I did. Father, this kind of attitude comes from a selfish heart. This kind of attitude comes from a heart that rejects Your commands to love others as You love them. If I am truly sorry for what I've done, I will have remorse. True regret for what I have done to someone leads to a desire to make things right - without excuse, hesitation, or exception. Father, I need to be brave and discover how my actions hurt the other person. - What damage did I cause them emotionally, spiritually, financially, physically, or in their relationships with other people? Help me total the costs. What is the price of restoring to them what they had before I did what I did? What do I need to say or do to undo the words that I said? What money do I need to pay to compensate them for their losses? - How can I help them heal, especially any brokenness in their relationships with other people that my action caused? Father, the more I ask and answer these kinds of questions, the more I will understand how what I do impacts other people's lives. May I understand just how costly and time consuming it is to restore a person to where they were before so that I will not hurt anyone intentionally again. Amen.

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