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#669 - Help Me Protect the Innocent
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, I have responsibility for other people's lives. I may be a police officer, security guard, fire fighter, EMT, employer, teacher or school administrator, daycare worker, troop leader, coach, sibling, parent, babysitter, neighbor, bystander, or health care worker. I may attend to senior citizens. Father, help me to protect the innocent. Help me to identify danger to their lives in time for me to act to save them. Father, make me alert to all threats against them. Give me clear, wise, and decisive thinking in the moment of crisis. Make me heroic, brave and courageous. Give me supernatural thoughts and strength, if needed, to protect the innocent. May those who would do harm to the innocent in my presence be defeated before they cause harm. Once the drama has subsided, help me recover emotionally from the traumatic experience. Amen.

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