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#672 - I Need to be Willing to Love and Be Loved
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, love is a command. It is a choice to obey You. Your entire Word can be summed up by love - for You and for others. We are to love others not because we feel like loving them. We are to love others because You tell us to. To say that I hesitate to love another person is an admission that I am disobeying Your command. To say that I'm reluctant to be loved by others is to reject another person's need to be obedient to You. They are to love me because that is Your command to them. I'm essentially encouraging them to disobey You by discouraging their love for me. Father, we are to love even if we are not loved back. We are to risk loving someone who rejects our love because the risk doesn't matter. We are to love them regardless. There is no risk when You've given us a command to love. We are to just do it. Father, for any relationship to work, both individuals must be willing to love and be loved. If either does not, the relationship is derailed and dysfunctional. Love is a measure of our faith. Do we trust You so much that we will continue to love a person even if they don't want our love? Love is a choice. It is a choice to obey You. Father, help me to obey You. May I love others unconditionally and accept their love unconditionally. Amen.

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