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#682 - I Need to be a Better Communicator
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, I am not god. I need other people and they need me. I need to trust them and they need to trust me. Without trust, there will be no friendship, cooperation, or mutual support. How do people learn to trust one another? Communication. Words. Tone of voice. Body language. I'm noticing I have many superficial relationships and a few close ones. However, the few close relationships I have are dysfunctional. I am a poor communicator. I don't listen to people. I struggle sharing my thoughts and feelings. I don't know how to communicate with self-control. Father, I believe that the core problem I have is a spiritual problem. I am in rebellion from You. I live as though I am my own god. How does that impact my communication? I don't listen to others because I am at the center of my universe. I expect people to be listening to me. I struggle with transparency because I don't trust You to watch over me in relationships. I put up walls and barriers. I don't know how to communicate with self-control because I'm struggling in my relationship with You. I limit the power of the Holy Spirit to give me such traits as grace, kindness, thoughtfulness, patience, and self-control. Father, I confess I am rebelling from You. I doubt Your character. Forgive me. I surrender to You. I ask that the Holy Spirit transform my heart and that will result in me being a better communicator. People will then trust me more and I can enjoy more meaningful relationships. Amen.

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