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#684 - I Need Connections
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, I am not God (as You know). I have severe limitations as a human. I have limited knowledge, wisdom, skill, and strength. I have limited resources. I have limited expertise. This means that I need connections with other people who have the knowledge, wisdom, skill, strength, resources, and expertise that I lack. I believe You are the sovereign God who engineers relationships and makes connections. Sure, I can sign up for a networking group. I can attend networking functions. I can join LinkedIn. I can ask my network of contacts for connections. However, I'd rather have You bring me the connections I need. Father, I have surrendered my life to You. I have dedicated my career to You. I need connections to advance Your Kingdom. I ask that You do the miraculous divine appointment thing that You do. Father, bring just the right person at the right time in truly unpredictable ways. It will affirm Your support for the mission I am on. It will show me how real You are and how You are actively working in my life, bringing to me what I need in creative ways. Father, amaze me with Your management of my network. Amen.

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