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#756 - I Was Born in the 20th/21st Century
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, my world includes incredible technologies. Electricity. Telephones. Radio. Television. Computers. Internet. Smart devices. Elevators. Steel. Concrete. Mobile applications. Trains. Automobiles. Satellites. Planes. Microwave ovens. Grocery stores. Amazon. Bluetooth. Health care technology. Father, those who have lived over the past 100-150 years have witnessed incredible technological advancement. We are so blessed. We can flick a switch and have light. We can call friend 10,000 miles away. We can listen instantaneously to any song that comes to our mind. We watch movies in our bed. We fly around the world in a day. Thank You for the comforts and opportunities I get to enjoy because I'm alive at this moment in world history. I also want to ask You to help me to take full advantage of technology to build Your kingdom. Texting. Emails. Phone calls. Travel. Skype. FaceTime. Blogging. Social media. May I use these tools to reach people with the message of the cross. May I use technology to demonstrate the love of Jesus Christ to a hurting world. In a world where technology is thriving, the human heart is still what it was thousands of years ago. Rebellious. Faithless. Idolatrous. Despite all our technical advances, we are still the same mean, nasty, unkind, self-centered, insensitive, and hurtful people we've always been. Father, when will we wake up? Mankind cannot use technology to improve who we are in our soul. The heart doesn't improve because of technology. Technology shines the spotlight on the worst traits of our heart (such as comments on web articles). Those who would accuse Christianity of failing to better men and women's hearts need to look in the mirror at their own god - technology. It has failed to change human hearts. Father, forgive me of my rebellion from You. Forgive me for thinking I can be my own god. Forgive me for doubting Your character. Forgive me for worshipping other gods, including technology. I ask that I maximize the use of technology to encourage people around the globe that there is hope and hope has a name - Jesus Christ. Amen.

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