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#87 - I've Been Complaining About Things
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, this isn't fair. I didn't get the right amount. I wanted the red one but I got the blue one. They charged me more than they should have. They have what I always wanted. This room is too cold. This room is too hot. This food tastes horrible. The beer was better at the other pub. I'm bored. You went the wrong way. We should have taken the other road. Why are you driving so fast? My hair looks horrible. I was in line first. This is taking forever. I feel sick. I have nothing to wear. This party is awful. Father, what is wrong with my heart? Why am I complaining like this? To tell the truth, I wouldn't want to hang out with someone who complains like this. I'm surprised I have any friends at all. I know that when I complain I'm only thinking of myself. It's all about me. It's not about others. Father, that means it's also not about You. If I were focused on You, I'd have a thankful and grateful spirit. If I were focused on You, I'd be thinking of the needs of others. Father, it sure sounds to me I'm not focused on You. I'm focused on myself. This must mean I'm doing the same old rebellion thing again - I am my own god. I am the center of my universe. Father, please forgive me for my rebellion. Help me to surrender my life to You. Thank You for all the wonderful blessings You have showered upon me. I cannot complain. Amen.

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