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#89 - I Need a Crutch in My Life
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, I am a believer in Jesus Christ and I have been accused of needing a "crutch". You, my amazing God, are apparently a crutch. What is a crutch? A person cannot walk from point A to point B without the use of this medical device to support their body weight, reducing the pressure on an injured area, allowing for more freedom of movement. Father, You are compared to something that makes life easier for hurting people. When people who reject You need help, do they turn to friends or family? Do they turn to the government for assistance? Do they seek help from financial, medical, or legal professionals? Do they turn to the bottle to drown their hurt away? Do they seek to obtain more money so they can buy a solution for their situation? Are not these things crutches? Of course, they are. Each of those listed acts come with the statement "I can't handle this on my own. I need help." Father, the only people who don't use crutches in life are those who metaphorically limp or crawl through life, bruised, battered, and broken, and refusing help. Father, which is more foolish? To claim we don't need help when we do or to admit we need help? Which is more honest? To claim we don't need crutches when we use them or to claim we need crutches and we seek them? Father, I am not my own god. I am broken. I need You to help me navigate through my life. Be my crutch. Take the weight off the areas of my life that are hurting. Carry me when I cannot walk. I will be broken the remainder of my days; a mortal human being living in a fallen world. Thank You that You are the marvelous crutch that You are. Amen.

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