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#10 - I'm Good Enough to Get into Heaven - Part 2
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, I committed rebellion against You. I didn't want to obey You yesterday. I don't want to obey You today. I won't want to obey You tomorrow. There's something deep in my heart that wants to do things my own way. I want to be my own god. Asking for forgiveness for all the ways my rebellion expresses itself (lying, cheating, stealing, sexual promiscuity, murder, drunkenness, etc.,) does not change the truth that my heart still wants to defy You. My rebellion is no small matter to You. It doesn't matter that I go to church, pay my taxes and bills, keep my front yard nice, volunteer in my local community, or dress my kids well. What does matter to You is that I make my own decisions in life and I do not ask You for guidance. What does matter to You is that I am living to satisfy my desires and plans. What does matter to You is that I ignore You each day. What does matter to You is that I don't ask You for help or ask You to provide me with what I need. You are not a priority to me and that is a big problem between us. Father, Your Kingdom will not have one rebel in it. Our rebellion must be dealt with if we want to spend eternity with You. You provided a solution. Jesus Christ, Your Son, was punished for our rebellion. He was punished for my rebellion. I simply need to confess I have rebelled from You and that He has paid the price for that rebellion. I must show my confession was genuine by ending my rebellion and living the truth each day that nothing is more important to me than You. Father, I confess my rebellion and I believe in Jesus Christ. I now surrender my life to You. Amen.

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