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#107 - Help Me See the Signs - Part 1
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, I am in a shipwreck at sea. As I lay alone in the life raft hundreds of miles from shore, I scan the horizon looking for a sign that I will survive. I'm looking for a ship, one heading in my direction. I'm looking for a plane in the sky above, hoping someone has spotted me. North. South. East. West. Nothing. There are no signs of my impending rescue. Do I give up? Have I no hope? Should I just slip into the sea and drown? Or, do I have faith in You? Do I have faith that somehow, in some amazing way, You will rescue me? Father, I know what You are asking of me. I am too lay down in the raft and stop looking at the horizon. I'm to close my eyes and relax. I'm to believe that You will rescue me, that You are rescuing me, and that at some point my rescue will arrive. That is faith. True faith needs no sign. True faith just believes in You and Your character. Father, if a ship arrived on the horizon, steaming towards me, I would not need faith. It is the sign of my rescue. I would just have to wait for it to come to my exact location. Father, You have said that an evil generation looks for signs. Why did You say that? We doubt Your spoken and written Word. We need tangible proof, the proof we can touch with our hands, see with our eyes, and hear with our ears. A desire for a sign is an admission of less than 100% faith. "I'll believe God will rescue me if I see a boat on the horizon." Father, I need the kind of faith that doesn't need any sign. Who knows? A submarine will come to the surface at any moment to rescue me. I just couldn't see it coming. Amen.

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