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#115 - You Say You Want to Be Like Christ, Eh?
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, anyone who strives to follow Christ will have trouble in this world. - They will have an enemy seeking to silence them. - They will be despised and rejected by a world who embraces rebellion from God. - They will have a broken heart as they see all the pain and suffering in the world. - They have a Father who seeks to mold them through hardship to become more like Christ. We say we want to be like Christ. Do we mean it? Are we prepared to suffer? The good news? You count our tears and weigh them on a scale. There are eternal blessings prepared for those who suffer with the love of Christ in their hearts. We will be served a feast of joy, laughter, contentment, peace, rest, comfort, and pleasure. At the right time. Father, help me to be willing to suffer for You. Give me the strength. Give me the perseverance. May I never doubt Your goodness no matter how much my suffering makes me more like Christ Himself. Amen.

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