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#176 - I'm Going Through a Short Sale
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, we continue to view You as a spectator. You are watching the game of life from the stands, huddled under a blanket, munching on popcorn. Human beings are left to themselves to figure out their own solutions. Father, such an attitude is wrong. You are not a spectator. You are in the game, the key player in each of our lives. Father, if we receive a financial solution from a government program, the blessing is from You. You use even government programs to help people in need. Father, I believe You'd prefer charity to come from Your church. I believe the church is Your intended instrument of mercy in this world. However, the church may not have the financial resources to help. Therefore, government programs can be a God-send, helping people get back on their feet. Father thank You for the "short sale" of my house. My mortgage was greater than the market value of my home. I agreed to sell the house at whatever price I could get for it, enabling the mortgage company to recover a significant percentage of their investment. The government pays for whatever is the difference between the mortgage and the closing price of the house. Father, now that I am free of the monthly mortgage, I can get back on my feet and get financially stable. I can rebuild my finances, enabling me to contribute to the economy. Father, thank You for this short sale solution. You are generous in so many ways. Amen.

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