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#229 - Help Me Fight Temptation
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, temptation can be summed up in seven words - "I want to be my own god." It goes back to the first lie mankind heard in the Garden of Eden - we can be god just like You. We can decide for ourselves what is right and wrong. We can determine our own steps. We can live for our own pleasure. Father, secondary temptation of any kind has roots in that first temptation. Father, help me fight that temptation. The key to victory in the battle against temptation is for me to continuously surrender my life to You. Every hour of every day I can claim victory over temptation by confessing and repenting up my incessant desire to be my own god. Every hour I need to praise You for who You are so that I no longer doubt. Every hour I need to desire Your will to be accomplished on heaven and earth so that I will not live for any other false god. Father, help me fight temptation by defeating that stubborn desire in my human heart to be my own god. Amen.

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