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#235 - I Resist Change
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, I don't want to change. I am comfortable with who and where I am. I am satisfied with the man or woman I am today. I like the situation I have in life. It is predictable. I'm not interested in personal growth because it may come through trouble, challenge, or uncertainty. I find strength from routine and habit. The world may be crazy around me but at least I know that I will be the same tonight, tomorrow, and the day after. Father, a person who has surrendered their life to You embraces personal change. Such a person knows there is work that needs to be done to make them more like Christ. There is room for growth in their faith, wisdom, and character. They welcome the transformation. They understand the change You orchestrate will come from trouble, challenge, and uncertainty. Father, reluctance to change is an indicator of a heart that has not surrendered to You. Forgive me. Help me surrender my life to You. Transform me. I don't want to be the same man or woman tomorrow that I am today. I want to heal emotionally and grow spiritually. Amen.

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