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#24 - My Living Will
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, I am not to take a life because that is Your right alone. I am not to commit murder and I'm not to commit suicide. You have defined a person's lifespan. You have plans for them until their last breath. We breathe because there is still a purpose to our breathing, a purpose we need to trust to You. Father, this applies to my living will. In a catastrophic medical crisis, You may want my life to continue beyond the point I am willing to persevere. You may also desire to take me to heaven while I want to hold on to live in this world as long as I can. Father, I need wisdom. How do I direct those who need to make medical care decisions for me when I cannot make those decisions myself ? When should they suspend measures to keep me alive? Father, tell me what is the criterion for the decision to end the artificial life support that alone is continuing my life. I need to write them into my living will. Father, I need Your wisdom here because You are God and I am not. My life is Yours alone to decide to keep or end. Amen.

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