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#268 - I'm Practicing Something
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, there are things humans have experienced that You have not. We were born. You were not. We have sinned and rebelled against our God. You have not. We have asked for forgiveness and repented of our rebellion. You have not. We die. You do not. Father, we also practice. You do not. You have never practiced anything. That's amazing. Everything You do You do perfectly the first time You do it. That cannot be said of us. We must practice. We don't know how to do things. We must learn. We learn by making mistakes. We learn by falling over and over. Father, the capacity to learn and improve is a gift from You. A young girl might long to be a top figure skater. She goes onto the rink for the first time. She falls. She steps again. She falls. Each time she steps and falls she learns a new skill. She is less likely to fall the next time. Eventually, she's dazzling a worldwide TV audience at the Winter Olympics. Practice, practice, practice. However, her capacity to improve through practice was a gift from You. She might still be falling in her 20s every time she steps on the ice just like she did when she was five years old. Her ability to improve her performance is a gift from You. Father, I need to practice something that I believe You have called me to. I need to get better at it. I need to try, fail, learn, and try again. However, my learning and improvement can only come from You. Father, help me to get better each day because that's Your job. My job is to practice. Amen.

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