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#275 - I'm a Failure - Part 2
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, I'm a failure. I'm a loser. How many times have I said these words? Often. When somebody speaks this way, we feel sympathy for the person. However, when I have said that, my heart was rebellious. - Speaking such words is unloving of other people. It is manipulative. It goes like this: I need someone to tell me how good I am. I'll tell them I'm a failure. They tell me how good I am. Success. Father, my heart's emphasis must be on the needs of the other person. I am here to serve them - not the other way around. Forgive me for ever manipulating anyone by telling them I'm a failure. - Second, what on earth am I doing thinking I have the resources, the connections, the knowledge, and the wisdom to make something of my life? I am to surrender my life to You. I am to inquire of the Lord each day. I'm to look for You for strength. I am to depend upon You to open doors for me. A truly repentant heart knows that it is You, not me, that accomplishes anything of eternal value. Once I've fully surrendered my life to You, You take over. It is You who does what You do, when You do it, and how You do it. My life becomes Your responsibility. My success is Your success. My progress is Your progress. I can be content where I am because that's where I am under Your direction. You will take the next step when You are ready. If I'm saying, "I am a failure", I am saying "I oversee my own life and I didn't do a good job." Father, forgive me for ever saying "I am a failure". It reveals the rebellion in my heart. May I fully surrender to You. You will accomplish in my life as You see fit whenever You choose to do so. Amen.

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