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#300 - I Need Ideas
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, I need ideas. I'm drawing a blank. Nothing. Crickets at night. I need ideas for my customer. I need ideas to solve a personnel problem at work. I need ideas for a ministry that I'm involved with. I need ideas for a charity that has asked me for help in fundraising. I need ideas for a website I am designing. I need ideas for a new product. I need ideas for a family member who is seeking my advice. I need ideas for how to propose to my girlfriend. I need ideas for what to serve at the holiday meal. I need ideas for a whole host of reasons. Father, You are God and I am not. You know everything. You understand every relationship, every component, and every interaction. You know not only everything that will work in each situation, You also know everything that won't. You have in Your storehouses an infinite supply of incredible ideas. It was Your idea to create the universe. It was Your idea to give us two ears, two eyes, a nose, and a mouth. It was Your idea to send Your Son, Jesus Christ, to live as a man, die on the cross, and rise again from the dead to resolve the human rebellion problem. Father, please share an idea with me. A very creative one. The kind of idea people will be stunned by. I am not god. You are. That is why I ask. Amen.

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