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#330 - My Employees
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, I am a supervisor or manager of employees. I could complain about their attitudes and their work performance, both of which are less than ideal. I could ask You to change their hearts and minds. I could ask You to give me the courage to fire the most grievous of offenders and to replace them with new hires of good character. However, something is telling me to take a different approach. Father, how can I more effectively serve my staff? I believe I have responsibility for their work performance, their character growth, and their home life. If Jesus Christ was a supervisor at a company, would He not take interest in the employee's lives in all three of these areas? I need to teach and coach my employees about how to effectively do their job. It is a long-term commitment to help them grow into jobs of increased responsibility and pay. I have a responsibility to model the character of Jesus Christ to them. I am to be loving, peaceful, kind, good, patient, persevering, and self-controlled. They are to see I am a man or woman of integrity. They are to see quite clearly that my heart has been transformed by the Holy Spirit. It should comfort them and give them courage to approach me with their own insecurities so that I can minister to them. Father, my compassionate, generous, and merciful spirit should cause them to open to me about the troubles they have at home. I can give godly wisdom or serve them practically; giving them time off, connecting them with counselors, or crafting a new policy wherein the company can financially support employees in a crisis. Father, help me to serve my employees well. You have given me a mission field with lives to touch. Help me to be faithful to that calling. Amen.

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