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By Charles Wagner, founder of Gramazin,
72Stories, Gramazin Prayers for the World


#382 - Visiting the Mountain
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, I have gone to a cabin by a lake at the foot of majestic mountains. The snowcapped peaks are mirrored in the still water, interrupted only by the wake of the occasional kayaker. I stare at the mountains, amazed by their grandeur. Strong. Unshakable. Beautiful. Just like You. The lake calls my heart to stillness and quiet. Father, Your Word tells us to be still and wait upon You, our rock and our fortress. This setting is a reminder that all is well with my soul when I surrender my life to You. You are God and I am not. You have things under control and I can wait for You to deliver me through whatever crisis I am in. Father, thank You for this place and may the spiritual lesson that You are the rock never be forgotten. Amen.

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