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#47 - Thank You for Your Answers to My Prayers
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, I thank You for how You have answered my prayers. Sometimes You have said yes. Sometimes You have said not yet. Sometimes You have said no. Each time You have answered my prayer perfectly. You know what is right for Your own purposes. You know what is right for the people in my life. You know what is right for me. You also know what I will be praying for tomorrow, next month, next year, and in ten years. Most likely I will be praying differently than I am praying today. Father, may I pray trusting that You know what is best. May I pray knowing You are listening and responding. May I pray confident that everything will work out because You've got it all figured out. You know what is best for me and I don't. May I also pray having confessed and repented of my sin. May I pray while I walk in fellowship with You. May I pray having forgiven anyone who has done me wrong. Father, there is a way I can know for certain You will answer a prayer with a resounding "absolutely." I simply need to pray about those things that I know You want. Father, may I pray for the things I know that You want to happen. My prayer life will then experience incredible power and effectiveness. Amen.

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