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#70 - Where Are My Treasures?
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, I have lived my life to acquire earthly treasures. - Money. I've wanted money because it makes me feel like a god. The more money I have, the more freedom I will have to do whatever I feel like doing. It is rebellion. - Power. I've wanted to have positions of authority and control over other people. The more power I have, the more I will feel like a god. It is rebellion. - Fame. I've wanted to have fame, to be celebrated and worshipped throughout the land. It will feel like I am a god. It is rebellion. - Pleasure. I've wanted to enjoy every moment of my life, enjoying only the finest of the fine, the most delicious of treats, and to enjoy every human activity that can be enjoyed under the sun. It will feel like I am a god. However, one day, I will die. I will have no more money, power, fame, or pleasure and I won't feel like a god. Instead, I will stand before You and make an accounting for my life. Did I repent from my rebellion in the name of Jesus Christ? Did I continue to live as my own god? Did I display the fruits of the spirit in my life, such as love, joy, peace, gentleness, goodness, faith, love, kindness, and perseverance? Was I more concerned with making my life a party? Did I touch other lives? Did I work to bring others to repentance and salvation? What treasures can I have in heaven? - My relationship with Jesus Christ. - The character the Holy Spirit groomed while I faced adversities on earth. - The lives that were saved because of the good works I did on earth in His name. Father, I want my treasures to be in heaven. Please work with me on earth so that I will enjoy such treasures in heaven throughout eternity. Amen.

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