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#8 - My Death and Heaven
Volume 1 - Prayers to Love God

Dear Father, death is before me. I've walked with You. I've grown in faith. I know that I will see you face-to-face, in all your glory, after I die. I will receive an embrace from my Creator. I will receive an embrace from my Savior. I will be perfect, forever free from the sinful nature I struggle with today. I will experience total fulfillment and total productivity. I will be safe. The people I meet will be perfect. No more self-centeredness. No more insecurity. No more emotional pain. No more brokenness. No more suffering since our characters will no longer need the lessons that come from suffering. You will no longer need to discipline me to drive out the rebellion from my heart. No rust or decay. I will see all kinds of new things. I will experience all kinds of new tastes, smells, and colors. I will hear music I've never heard before. I will see the beauty of millions of angels who do Your bidding. I will enjoy the company of friends and loved ones who also placed their faith in Your Son, Jesus Christ. However, I'm still afraid of death. What's it like to die? Will I die suddenly or over months and years? What is the moment of death like? Will it be terrifying? Father, eternity with You is on the other side of death. However, I need strength to not fear the death experience. Help me face my death with courage, strength, and excitement for what I will enjoy beyond the grave. Amen.

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