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#414 - The Log in My Own Eye
Volume 2 - Prayers to Love Our Neighbor

Dear Father, I mourn tonight because of an immoral man or woman in my community. I am deeply saddened that my neighbors would support such a person. I fear what this person will do. If they don't have a moral foundation, they could do all kinds of evil things. I share my concerns with my friends on social media. I participate in protests. I hold candles at vigils. I sign petitions. However, what does my own heart look like? Do I mourn the depravity in my own life? Do I get angry about my own moral failures? Do I belittle the seriousness of my own rebellion from you? Do I permit myself to doubt You and worship other gods? Father, may I not be a hypocrite. I have no legitimacy to mourn the moral failures of someone else when I fail to surrender my life to You. Please forgive me for my hypocrisy. I confess my rebellion from You. I repent. I surrender. May the Holy Spirit transform my heart and soul so that I demonstrate the fruits of the spirit. Then, and only then, I can mourn the moral failures in others. Amen.

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